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Fitness Coaching at Hotel De Reiskoffer


Why wait until the new year to get started with your New Year’s resolutions? The newly installed gym at Hotel De Reiskoffer helps you towards a balanced lifestyle. In this comfortable space, you’ll find everything you need to reach your goals. The coaching by Enforce will help you find balance and, through that, help put your business on a higher level.

“In our high-end programs and events we use physical workouts, smart nutrition and powerful coaching to help you stay in control and balanced. We help you to take both your life and, by using our “pro” programs, your business as well, to the next level. Experience the #enforceeffect and own your life, business, body and mind!”

– Enforce High end training en coaching


When will you start doing what’s necessary?

As an entrepreneur you’re always busy. You love your work, but you also try to find a good balance between your business and your private life. It’s difficult to take good care of yourself and you regularly lose focus, resulting in lost time. Do you achieve the things you really want to achieve, or are you just very busy without actually seeing any real results? How good is your focus really? And do you think you spend enough time with family and friends?
How fit, healthy and vital are you really?

By living in patterns you will never achieve the things you want to achieve. Because honestly, a lack of results is mainly due to a non-effective way of living and working. By living an unhealthy lifestyle you lose focus, leading to a life in which you don’t live for the things that are most important to you.

Realise that you’re in charge and that the choice is always yours. With a gym in your hotel you really don’t have an excuse to do nothing. Are you going to shrivel up, or do you want to grow and are you willing to start doing what is needed for that?

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to work on getting a more balanced lifestyle can use the gym, individually or with a trainer. Whether you’re here for a weekend of relaxation or an active trip. Are you staying in the hotel for business and do you need to get up early? The gym is open from 7:00. And it’s also open in the evening. All hotel guests can use the gym (additional fee). Interested in a training schedule? Please contact us.


Op zoek naar een teambuildingsactiviteit? Al eens gedacht aan een masterclass waarbij je alles leert over ‘in control en balans zijn’ en ook in de praktijk aan de slag gaat samen met je team? Een hotel met fitness is hiervoor de ideale locatie. Je combineert een training, met teambuiling, lekker (én gezond) eten en overnight stay. 

More of an outdoor type?

Of course, you can also exercise in the open air. The area is ideal for cycling, walking and running. You can find some great walking and cycling routes here. In need of inspiration for any other activity or looking for a bit of culture?

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